Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock….Time Running Out for 24 and other titles leaving Netflix April 1


It’s a race against the clock. Specifically, it’s a race against the top of the hour, because something dangerous/disastrous/dreadful/important/sinister/cliff-hangerish always happens at the top of the hour when you’re Jack Bauer. Luckily, even though a nuclear bomb blew up half the city, there is no traffic in Los Angeles, ever, so you can quickly get to wherever you need to go, so that that important event can happen right before the clock hits the hour.

You have a lot of questions but not a lot of time. What do you do? Stab the person with information in the knee? Shoot the person with the information in the knee? You don’t have much time! Do you hit them in the head until they are a bloody pulp? Do you take out the pliers? (you know what those are for!) Do you break out the blow torch? (yes, Jack did that!)

No, please don’t hurt me, Jack! I’ll give up the information that 24 is leaving Netflix on April 1, along with a lot of other titles (which will be a separate post coming soon). 24 will be finding a new home on Amazon Prime. Yet another Netflix fail. I understand that they also get new titles, but I would think the idea would be to keep titles you have and add more. But the writing’s on the wall- studios will want more control of their content when it comes to streaming, and/or want to use a service like Amazon where they can get more royalties, and pretty soon Netflix will be mostly original content. But until that time, I was taking for granted that 24 would stay on Netflix. Perhaps there was a mole at CTU, like there is every single season, errr, I mean, day. Jack really needs to figure out who the mole is so he can get back on Netflix. It’s not Chloe, Jack, or the person who seems to be most obvious at the beginning of the 24 hour work day you always seem to have. Just in case you’re wondering.

Here’s how Hitler took the news that Jack is leaving Netflix

I’ll post about the movies leaving Netflix April 1 today or tomorrow. In the meantime check out your queue



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