Cable providers throttling Netflix?

Cable providers throttling Netflix?

I wasn’t watching House of Cards, but I was probably watching around the same time House of Cards debuted this weekend. The episodes of Arrested Development I was watching remained pixelated and low-picture quality for longer than normal. I can’t say that my service provider is doing anything (Verizon FIOS), but I have experienced the picture quality of Netflix (which I use on my PS3) go down sometimes when I’ve used the internet at the same time. Be sure to check out this link, where the author doesn’t hesitate to point the finger at their provider, Comcast (and given their track record, I would probably do the same thing). Other explanations seem viable (everyone having to watch the new season of House of Cards at the same time, to which I say relax, it will be on Netflix for quite awhile), but it’s worth keeping tabs on. If anyone has Comcast and agrees they’re at fault, or your provider is doing likewise, please comment below.Ā 


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