Bye to some Sci-Fi; Jack Reacher

The bi-monthly purge of instant titles is right on schedule. There’s only a handful of titles going away on January 15th from my queue, but you might want to double check yours.


Timecrimes (2007) has been in my queue for quite awhile. I suppose it’s been in there partly because it does look interesting, but it’s also in Spanish, and I’m always looking for ways to practice or keep what little Spanish I remember fresh. It is low budget sci-fi, which can be dicey. But it does have a fairly high rating on IMDB (7.2).



Primer (2004) is another sci-fi flick that concentrates on ideas rather than special effects. My wife hates this movie, and although I KNOW I’ve seen it, I didn’t rate it on IMDB. I remember finding the idea intriguing, but it looks like it was recorded on an old camcorder that’s spent 10 years inside someone’s colon. Feel free to give it a try, but just know that you shouldn’t be waiting for the picture to get better like you sometimes do with Netflix. It’s not going to get better.


I am probably going to catch Bubble (2005) before the 15th, because it’s only 73 minutes long and it’s a Steven Soderbergh film. Granted, it’s probably an Informant-like Soderbergh experience, but he’s done good enough work to warrant a viewing. Catch Side Effects (2013) on streaming if you haven’t seen it. It was one of the better overlooked movies of last year, with Soderbergh doing a modern-day Hitchcockian tale.

Also leaving is some cartoon based on Dante’s Inferno called Dante’s Inferno. I guess it’s in my queue because I like cartoons.

Some not so high quality releases that have been recently added included Guilt Trip, and Tom Cruise miscast as Jack Reacher (2012). Will Tom ever give up on being the action hero? Not sure if I’ll ever watch this to find out. But it’s there for all to see.



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